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Friendly, cloud-based payroll
+ timekeeping software

It's the easiest way to accurately process payroll and save your business tons of work, confusion and time. We understand that payroll is a pain, so we made it simple. (Trinidad and Tobago)

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Paybook Features

Everything you'll need to process payroll is neatly built in.

Easily pay employees

Pay weekly, fortnightly, bi-monthly and monthly paid employees effortlessly. Calculations, taxes and reports are done for you.

User Friendly

You'll learn to use Paybook naturally in no time, promise. We crafted many intuitive features to help you out.


TD4, NI184, 187, Health Surcharge, PAYE, ACH, payslips, pay period summaries, department, project and annual reports are ready to go.


Whether you have 5 or 500 employees, Paybook will get the job done. You can also setup additional companies under your account.

Multiple Users

You can setup and manage multiple users to use Paybook at the same time. All activity for every record is logged, available and kept forever.

Online Support

Any queries you may have with Paybook can be handled quickly online. We can also push updates out to you with minimal effort.

Convenient and Time Saving

We learnt alot from our customers over the past few years and built in smart and time saving features to speed up and make payroll as painless as possible.

  • Up-to-date and automatic taxes

    Paybook is always up-to-date with the latest tax rules. Health Surcharge, PAYE and NIS are accurately and automatically calculated. Overtime, allowances, commission, bonuses, plans, loans and deductions are easily handled. You can also track absenteeism and late days.

  • Work Hours

    For weekly and fortnightly paid employees, you can enter their work hours in our nifty week calendar which includes overtime. You can even use clock times. For simple, payroll automation you can use our Timekeeper App.


Timekeeper Web + Mobile App

(Optional feature) Get rid of paper timesheets and out-dated clock machines.

  • Timekeeper Mobile App

    Employees can clock in/out on your company's iPhone or iPad by using their 4 digit passcode or by scanning their badge. The app takes a photo of the employee, which acts as their signature and prevents buddy clock ins.

  • Web Synchronization

    All time data (including photos) from the app is automatically synced to paybookapp.com. Time data can also be added and edited very quickly in Timekeeper's web interface with helpful error checking.


Seamless Payroll

All time data can be sent to payroll in one go using your company's overtime rules. Making data entry a thing of the past and saving loads of time.

Locations, Tasks, Projects

You can setup and tag locations, tasks and projects on employees and time records. Allowing powerful reports and insights on your work force.

Works Offline

Mobile app works offline allowing employees to clock in and out. It can then be connected later on to sync the time data to paybookapp.com

Auto Time Adjustment

Auto company time adjustment rules can be setup, allowing employees' actual clock times to be rounded to their paid time the way you want it.

Supervisor Mode

Supervisor mode on the app can be enabled, allowing a supervisor, via their 6 digit pin to manually clock employees in/out.

Multiple Devices

You can deploy multiple devices, tag them to a location and centralize time data from all your locations online.

Timekeeper App Explainer Video


It gets better

The information super highway.

  • Online employee database

    You'll have a super fast, live and gorgeous database of all your employees. Keep all their personal, work, pay and bank information securely in your account. You can even store their photo.

  • Reports you need

    Including TD4, NI184, NI187, Health Surcharge, PAYE, ACH, Payslips, pay period, department, project and annual reports are one click away. All reports are print friendly and can be exported to excel. You're welcome.

E-mail Payslips

You'll have the option to email payslips to your employees straight from Paybook. Your company logo appears on emailed and printed payslips.

Departments and Projects

Allows you to filter your employees and reports by department. Also, you can also assign projects to employees and view simple project reports.

Activity Log

Paybook keeps track of any changes made to employee and pay records by user and time, so you'll have full visibility of what's going on.


Take a look at Paybook's payroll interface.

Paybook's Timekeeper Web and iOS App interface

Business in the Cloud

At Paybook we know that our customers rely on us as an important part of their business process. We take our responsibilities to our customers seriously, and the security and reliability of the software, systems and data that make up the Paybook application are our top priority.

  • Security

    All information travelling between your browser and Paybook is protected from eavesdroppers with 256-bit SSL encryption. The Paybook application - including your data - rests securely behind firewalls and protection of our security provider, one of the largest content distribution and security networks on the web.

  • Privacy

    Your backend data is guarded from all prying eyes. And we will never share your information with anyone. You have our word on that!

About Us

Scudetto Software is based in Trinidad & Tobago with the goal of providing great, friendly, online software for businesses.

Our clients consists of many small and medium sized businesses such as construction companies, restaurants, hardwares, distributors, pharmacies, consulting firms and others. Also, we have Chartered Accounting firms and Payroll Processing companies managing their clients' payroll on our website.

Director: Julio Del Pino (BSc Comp Sci).

Before our online application, we first developed Paybook in 2011 based on Microsoft Access. It worked well for our clients and was also user friendly, but like all "on premise" software, had many limitations. It quickly became legacy and in order stay current, we redeveloped Paybook from scratch. So long old friend.


We Pride Ourselves In Making Great, Friendly Software

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